XHP50 LED USB C Rechargeable Mini


XHP50 LED USB C Rechargeable Mini 16340 18650 Battery Flashlight 1500lm Powerful Torch Can Be Closed with One Click


Product introduction:
Material: aluminum alloy
Colour: black
Gear: single gear
Function: strong light, medium light, double-click flash
Function: lighting, night riding, emergency, self-defense, portable, mini flashlight, camping
Weight: The short bare lamp weighs 80g, and the long bare lamp weighs 90g
Power supply: short 16340 battery, long 18650 battery
Battery life: about 1 hour with 16340 battery, about 4 hours with 18650 battery
Voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
Waterproof: IPX45
Lamp beads: P50 (round lamp beads)
Shooting distance: 200-500m
Power: 15W
Brightness: 600-1500 lumens (theoretical)
Size: Product size: short section 9.5*3*2.5cm, long section: 12.8*3*2.5cm, plastic box size: 15*3*4cm
Single packaging: default bubble bag packaging, set in plastic box packaging
Three gear modeStrong light/low light/strobe
One-click switching Double tap to enter strobe mode
Strong light flashlight in the palm A flashlight smaller than your palm
Just in control 8.5cm length, compact size, carry it with you
Eagle Eye Mechanical Zoom
One-handed control to change the aperture in seconds
Tactical adjustment, the night is under my control, and it is easy to switch between near and far
Kilometer long shot, ultra-far wide-angle
In any gear, stay for 5 seconds to turn off the power with one key!
High Light Mode Low Light Mode Strobe Mode Double click to flash
Multi-stage cooling system
Speed up the heat dissipation of the torch, and better protect the service life of the driver board and the LED wick
High heat dissipation efficiency with heat dissipation pattern
Charging reminder function Red light on when charging fully charged green light on
16340 High cycle usage times Convenience, fast and long battery life
2H fast charge, 2~8 hours of use 1200MAH high capacity rechargeable battery
No fear of wind and rain Tightly reinforced torrential rainwater-proof, not afraid of bad weather
Do not immerse in water for a long time
They all use this flashlight
Send your family, friends, and yourself, it will be a wise choice for you!
Flashlight Specifications:
Maximum luminous flux: 2000 lumens.
Range: 300m.
Switch: central control switch.
Gear mode:High-Medium-Low-Double click to enter Turbo Mode-SOS
Maximum lighting time: 8H
Charging port specification: Type-C Fast charging (Display green when fully charged, Low power display in red)
Anti-fall: 1meters.
Net Weight: 85g Gross weight: 150g
Material: Aluminium alloy
About batteries: Using 18350 batteries (800Mah)
Product size: 80MM * 30MM
Lamp bead model: 3 * P35 super bright lamp bead
Analysis of lighting gear: 5 lighting modes
Strong light – Medium light – Weak light – Double click to enter TURBO Modes-SOS
Strong light: 1800LM
Zhongguang: 1000LM
Low light: 250LM
Double click to enter TURBO Modes: 2000LM
SOS (Press and hold for 3 seconds in any gear to enter SOS mode)

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 4 cm


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