Widesea Camping Self-inflating Mattress

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No need for a pump, the mattress inflates itself with ease.
Folding design
Compact and easy to store, perfect for travel or outdoor activities.
Wide and comfortable
The mattress provides ample space for a good night’s sleep, ensuring comfort and relaxation.
Suitable for various activities
Ideal for camping, hiking, beach trips, and other outdoor activities.
1. Heat and moisture insulation, water vapor isolation to keep the body dry and comfortable.
2. Highly resilient sponge filling, comfortable sitting and skin-friendly fabric.
3. Auto-inflation design, unfold the sleeping pad, open the air valve, and let the sleeping pad automatically intake.
4. The lightweight texture is comfortable to lie down and suitable for single carrying.
5. Easy to carry, worry-free hiking, storage design, light weight, no big load.
1. Name: Widesea camping mummy self-inflating moisture-proof mat
2. Color: Yellow
3. Material: Nylon, sponge
4. Unfolded size: 183cm*50cm*3cm
Storage size: φ 16cm * 26cm
5. Weight: about 650
1. Manual measuring, please allow slightly measurement error.
2. Usually storage should be tiled and placed to prolong the service life of the sleeping mat.
3. Store in a dry and cool place as much as possible.

Additional information

Weight 0.705 kg
Dimensions 26 × 14 × 13 cm
Brand Name



Mainland China


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