VEVOR Wood Stove 86in Alloy Steel Camping Tent Stove


VEVOR Wood Stove 86in Alloy Steel Camping Tent Stove Portable Wood Burning Stove with Chimney Pipes & Gloves 1400in³Firebox

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VEVOR Portable Camping Wood Stove
Your ultimate outdoor heating companion, equipped with a 1400in³ large-capacity firebox for efficient heating. The damper and ventilation hole design ensures simple smoke and fire control, allowing you to fully enjoy the camping experience without the hassle of smoke.
By utilizing the continuous air convection inside the firebox, the wood can be burned more fully while reducing the generation of ash.
9 included accessories meet all your outdoor needs. The lightweight stove makes it convenient for storage and transportation.
The thickened panels provide durability and prevent deformation. Made from corrosion-resistant alloy steel, this mini wood stove can withstand the challenges.
The hot tent stove provides odorless heating without sparks flying around. Equipped with a Japanese NEG fireplace glass for temperature resistance.
Features & Details
1400in³ Firebox: Experience quick and long-lasting heating with our high-capacity firebox. No need to constantly add firewood. Equipped with a damper and ventilation holes, it allows easy fire and smoke control. The integrated ashtray ensures effortless cleaning.
Efficient Secondary Combustion: Continuous airflow through the ventilation holes ensures higher wood combustion rates, reducing ash production while efficiently providing quick heat.
9 Accessories Included: The entire unit and accessories weigh only 26.7 lbs, including a rain cap, stove bag, protective gloves, chimney pipe and fire hook. Easy assembly and disassembly allow you to enjoy lightweight camping pleasure.
3 mm Reinforced Panels: Crafted with rust-resistant stainless steel, our wood burning stove can withstand high temperatures and rough outdoor conditions. The 3 mm / 0.12″ thick panels prevent deformation even when carrying heavy objects, ensuring durability and longevity.
3 Security Features: The tent wood stove features a US Forest Paint coating process, ensuring odorless heating and cooking. Made with alloy steel, it is rust-resistant. The Japanese NEG fireplace glass provides clear visibility of the fire’s intensity.

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