TRIVISA Aur-04 Folding knives Micarta Handle


TRIVISA Aur-04 Folding knives Micarta Handle14C28N steel knife Outdoor Camping Hunting defense Fishing tool


Product Name: TRIVISA Aur-04 14C28N
Total length: 202mm
​Blade length: 80mm
​Handle length: 110mm
​Blade thickness: 3.5mm
​Blade material: 14C28N steel (100% detectable)
​Blade treatment: black, satin, stone wash
​Handle thickness: 14mm
​Handle width: 23mm
​Handle material: micarta+steel, stainless steel lining, CNC cutting, weight reduction, forming process.
​System: KVT ceramic ball bearing, Button system
​Hardness: 58-60HRC
​Net weight: 100g
​Packaging: nylon bag, Spatula cloth,paper box
1 data measurement
(1). Due to the use of different data measurement methods and tools, there will be a small deviation, please prevail in kind!
(2) because the picture can not be fully displayed, if you want to learn more product information, please contact us! Thank you! We will contact you before sending to confirm! If you can not reply in time, we will send the default random! All in order to get in kind!
(3) CAUTION: Since the manufacturer changes without prior notice to the origin or certain accessories on the product package, the Department can not ensure that the customer receives the item and stores exactly the same image as the source of the attachment. Only to ensure genuine! And to ensure that the new, consistent with the mainstream market. If the store is not updated, please understand!
2. On the color of the problem
(1) color is unavoidable, each person’s display is not the same, set not the same, the color is not the same! Shooting the light and angle will make the picture produce color difference!
(2) product color differences, as production batches and production at different times!
3. On the weight difference
(1) due to mass production and production time is different from the processing accuracy can not be 100% accurate! The weight of each knife is also different, the error in the 7-12 grams!
4. Quality issues
(1) the goods in the factory for testing, inspection, shipping before we will once again rigorous testing, testing intact, the goods are delivered in line with quality requirements! We do not allow our customers to question the quality of the products according to their own understanding! Quality and price are relative! If you have a higher demand, I am sorry, please carefully buy!
(2) received the goods do not allow private disassembly assembly, replacement parts! For unauthorized demolition of the act, we are not responsible for the quality of the goods after-sales!

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 8 cm
Spring Force




Sharp Blade


Full Length


Handle Length


Blade Length


Blade Angle


Handle Material

micarta+ stee

Blade Material


Model Number



Folding Blade Knife

DIY Supplies


Brand Name



Mainland China


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