Siwash Hooks Saltwater Fishing Hooks 50~200Pcs


Siwash Hooks Saltwater Fishing Hooks 50~200Pcs Live Bait Hooks Heavy Duty Long Shank Fishing Aberdeen Hooks Catfish Bass Hooks


HIGH STRENGTH – Big game tuna fishing hooks are forged from high grade high-carbon steel for strength, anti corrosive properties and reliability.
EFFECTIVE – Tuna hooks constructed of a shortened barb and a long point knife edge for exceptional penetrations, holding and stabbing fish quickly.eature an open gape with a bevelled point, forged and ring eye. Long straight shank fishing hooks, can be removed relatively easily from the fish.
SUPER SHARP – High-carbon steel hooks have the longer anti-rust time in the sea, resist rolling and stay sharp longer.
Saltwater Freshwater Various Using: It could be used in various environments.It would be corrosion resistance,you could use it both in saltwater and freshwater. The length is different from 13.9mm to 91mm. The variety of sizes are available,the weight of these are from 0.01g to 11.64g.This style of hook is an excellent choice for bait fishing and catch and release practices.

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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm


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