New Continental GrandPrix 5000/700X25C 28C Clincher Road Bicycle Tires


New Continental Grand Prix 5000/700X25C 28C Clincher Road Bicycle Tires Cream Skin wall Bicycle Folding Stab-Resistant Tire GP5000


New Continental GrandPrix 5000/700X25 700X28 Clincher Road Bicycle Tires Cream Skinwall Bicycle Folding Stab-Resistant Tire GP5000
Tire Size of tires: 25 x 1 ”
Tire size in ETRTO (Width x Length): 25/28-622
Construction: Soft tire
Pressure in bars: 6.5-8.5
Rubber Compound: Black Chili
Model year2022
Type: flexible tire
Recommended inner tube: Race 20-28
Wheel Size28 “inch (s)
Features Lightweight Puncture Protection, Skin Wall / Tan
Manufacturer numbers:
– black-cream: 0101947/0101948
Characteristics :
– 12% less rolling resistance, 20% more puncture protection, 10g lighter (25-622) than its predecessor GP 4000 S II
– the legendary BlackChili rubber compound has been further optimized for excellent grip, higher mileage and an even more efficient ride
– Vectran Breaker made of high-tech synthetic fiber, even more tear-resistant, lower weight, even stronger and more puncture-resistant
– better grip in bends thanks to the Lazer Grip
– increased comfort thanks to Activ Comfort technology

They revolutionized the world of cycling thanks to their unique tread made only in Germany. Thanks to the legendary BlackChili compound, they were able to answer the eternal question of grip or long-term rolling resistance. Regular testing proves measurable and noticeable benefits for drivers in the lab and on the road. The latest polymers as well as carbon black particles and specially developed fillers guarantee a unique performance.
Active comfort
The revolutionary approach to road cycling. Integrated into the structure of the tire, Active Comfort technology absorbs shock and provides a superior driving experience.
You become one with the road. The laser tread pattern provides better grip when cornering.
Vectran is a high-tech synthetic fiber with a natural pattern. Like spider silk, Vectran is a polymer of liquid crystals (LCP). Vectran is woven from the Vectra polymer and reworked into a multi-fiber network. Vectran fiber, like spider silk, has tremendous tear resistance at very low weight. This Continental tire has all the characteristics necessary to reach the highest level in terms of puncture protection. Vectran Breaker protection is lighter, more flexible and protects your tire from cuts on the same level as Nylon-Breaker protection. The Vectran Breaker does not influence the rolling resistance.

Additional information

Weight 0.631 kg
Dimensions 26 × 11 × 11 cm


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