Mini Flashlight XHP50 LED USB C Rechargeable


Mini Flashlight XHP50 LED USB C Rechargeable 16340 18650 Battery Flashlight 1500lm Powerful Torch Can Be Closed with One Click


Product parameter
Net weight:80g
Battery:1*18650 /1*16340 battery(Product without battery)
Zoom method: telescopic zoom
Charging method: Type-C USB charging
Material: aluminum alloy
Switch: Push the switch
Gear position: 3 gears: High-Low-Flash
Waterproof grade: IP64 life waterproof
1. Super Bright XHP50 LED bulb is responsible for illuminating distant objects with bright light, and the illuminating distance can reach 200 meters
2.Mini size, light weight, can be operated with one hand, very portable.Ideal for hunting, adventure and other outdoor adventure activities.
3. This product has a power reminder function, You can know the power status of the flashlight anytime, anywhere
4. Waterproof in accordance with IP64, waterproof, can be used in rainy weather, but can not be placed in water
5.USB charging method, Type-C usb for computer USB, car USB, USB charging plug, charging flashlight.
6.Zoom function.Spotlight for long distance observation and floodlight for large area ilumination!Easily light up an entire room or focus on objects upto 350 meters away!
Portable Size
Mini size, light weight, can be operated with one hand, very portable.
1.After receiving the goods, please charge it first and then use it;
2. When the product is low on power, please charge it in time, do not over-discharge it to avoid battery damage.
3. The waterproof of the product is life waterproof, can be used normally in rainy days, but not directly into the water or diving use.
4. We give you a USB charging cable, you can use your cell phone plug to charge the product.
5. About the lighting mode, press the switch, you can adjust different lighting modes.
6.If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at the first time, please do not give us a bad review, a bad review can not solve the problem, we will assist you to solve the problem, thank you for your understanding!
Don’t forget to remove the gasket:
In order to ensure the safety of transportation and ensure that the battery is not damaged, we will put an insulation sheet in the flashlight. When you receive the goods, please open the flashlight and take out the red insulation sheet, and then you can use it normally

Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 4 cm


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