KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcasting Reel


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High Max Drag of 8KG
Experience the power of KastKing Spartacus Plus with its high max drag of 8KG, ensuring your fishing line stays strong and durable even in intense fishing situations.
Dual Brake System
Equipped with a dual brake system, this reel provides superior control and stability, reducing the chance of unexpected line movement during use.
High Speed Fishing Reel
With its high speed design, this reel allows for quicker casting and reeling, enhancing your fishing efficiency and productivity.
Robust Construction
Built to last, the KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcasting Reel boasts an 11 + 1 BB structure, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.
Ideal for Bait Casting
Specifically designed for bait casting, this reel is perfect for those looking to enhance their fishing technique and results.
Chinese Origin
Originating from Mainland China, the KastKing Spartacus Plus Reel benefits from high-quality craftsmanship and reliability.
\n 11+1 Double Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings\n
Product Features:
1.Drag Power:8KG \/ 17.6LB
2.Gear Ratio: 6.3:1
3.Ball Bearings: 11+1
4.SpartacusWeight: 205g
5.Spartacus Plus Weight: 230g
6.Line Capacity: 0.285mm\/115m
7.Brake System:Magnetic Brake and Centrifugal Brake
8.Handle: Left Hand \/ Right Hand
9.Packing: Original KastKing Package
\n 10-level Magnetic Brake System\n
\n Level 0:Ideal for downwind and pro angler\n
\n Level 1-4:Ideal for the use of a certain weight and long distance casting\n
\n Level 5-6:Perfect for a wide variety of lures.\n
\n Level 7-9:Perfect for green hands. Ideal for strong wind and dead wind\n
\n 6-pin Centrifugal Brake System\n
\n Level 0:for long distance\n
\n Level 1-2:for medium-distance\n
\n Level3-4:for short distance\n
\n Level 5-6:for the condition of dead wind\n
\n \n
*lmages on this page are for illustration only and thedesign of the actual product may differ.
\n *KastKing fishing tackle engineering combines efficiency\n
\n *All data on this page regarding fishing obtained from KASTKING laboratories\n
Instruction manual :
How to clean a saltwater fishing reelTo clean a spinning reel after using in saltwater, there are a few easy steps. The first is to quickly hose it off. Then remove the spool, remove the drag washers and clean with WD-40 or similar. After you clean the washers, simply dry and put back together. After you clean the drag washers, spray a reel and line cleaner like Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaner. This cleaner dissolves old grease and adds a protective coating.
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Additional information

Weight 0.356 kg
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 7 cm
Gear Ratio


Model Number

Spartacus/Spartacus Plus

Baits Type

Fake Bait

Fishing Reels Type

Baitcast Reel

Fishing Method

Bait Casting


Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Rock Fshing, Ocean Beach Fishing, LAKE, River, Reservoir Pond, stream, Management Field

Brand Name



Mainland China


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