FishTrip Interlock Snap Ball Bearing Swivels 20~100Pack


FishTrip Interlock Snap Ball Bearing Swivels 20~100Pack Stainless Steel Cross Lock Snap Squid Fishing Connector Terminal Tackle


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FishTrip Interlock Snap
【Solid Welding Ring】
Ball Bearing Swivels features super-strong welded stainless-steel rings for all types of heavy-duty fishing in fresh or saltwater.
The two welded rings are solid and strong giving you the confidence to be around big fish. When choosing a swivel always go small. Pick a swivel, which will match the breaking strength of your line.
This will give the best performance under considerable pressure.
When tying your fishing line to the swivel eye make sure to center the knot, as this will ensure the best rotation.
【Ball Bearing Swivel】
Ball bearing swivels are by far the most technologically advanced swivels available to anglers in the world today. Because of their superior design, ball bearing swivels are the most effective swivels used when targeting largest and most stubborn game fishes.
Ideal no-twist protection for big game leader connections and downrigger trolling.
As a result of the ball bearings, the ball bearing swivels can turn and twist in all directions freely without any friction, thus reducing the friction and pressure on the swivels and the line immensely even in the toughest fishing conditions.
Unlike the barrel swivels, ball bearing swivels are used in extreme fishing conditions, especially at times when anglers demand increased power from their tackle.

【Interlock Snap】
Interlock snap is the traditional standard fishing snap that has been recognized throughout history, not only for its popular appearance, but also for its high strength, quick change and smoothness.
Designed to eliminate line twist and make a dependable and strong link between the main line and a leader.
Used with heavier line classes and tackle.
When you target large game fish, all your tackle must handle the rigors place oni them, Ball Bearing Swivels are the most effective swivel to eliminate line twist and fatigue.
Favoured among game fishers as an essential piece of terminal tackle when targeting marlin, tuna and sharks.
【Wide Applications】
The fishing snap swivels are applicable for various kinds of fishing, like saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, onshore fishing and offshore fishing.

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