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Enhance your grip with these Anti-slip and Wear-resistant Crampons. Ideal for Men and Women, these Ice Cleats have Wide Applications and can be used for snow shoveling or angled terrain. With their durable construction, get a secure footing in any slippery situation.

Name: Crampons Ice Cleats
Color: Orange
Product Size: M (36-40 yard), L (41-46 yard)
M: length about 22.5cm/8.8in
L: length about 27cm/10.6in
Material: silicone + stainless steel
Quantity: 1 pair
Use of venues: snow and ice, mountaineering, fishing

Packing List:
Crampons Ice Cleats*1 pair

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1.Ultimate Traction: Our Crampons Ice Cleats made of reliable steel provide an unbeatable grip on snow and ice, ensuring you never slip or fall. With their anti-slip and wear-resistant design, you can confidently conquer any terrain while getting maximum stability and comfort.

2.Wide Application: From hiking to ice fishing, these crampons ice cleats will equip you for any snowy or icy conditions. The high-quality spikes make them versatile and durable for multi-functional use.

3.Ensured Portability: Our crampons ice cleats are a reliable gear for outdoor enthusiasts. They are portable and easy to store and carry since they come with a storage bag.

4.All-Terrain Protection: Defy all odds with our crampons ice cleats. Use them for hiking on treacherous terrain, walking on mud and wet grass, or even trekking on angled surfaces. Versatile for all terrains, including icy roads, our ice cleats are your go-to safety gear for every outdoor adventure.

5.Designed for Men and Women: Equip yourself with the most versatile ice cleats that offer reliable traction on snowy or icy surfaces, matched with any shoes from boots to sneakers. Ensure your safety and walk confidently on every step with this all-age friendly accessory.

Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 3 cm

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