AVENTON MATARO Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Track Fixie Bicycle 700C Aluminum Frameset Carbon Fork and Areo Seatpost , V Brake


The AVENTON brand has been switching to Ebike since 2019, and the official website currently only sells Ebikes.
The mataro we sell is a 2018 style,but produced in 2024 .Due to some parts of Ebike do not carry the Aventon logo, which also leads to some parts of fixed gear bicycles no longer include the Aventon logo.
Our aventon bikes supports official registration and verification. website:www.aventon.com
The 2018 Mataro lower tube adopts a double extraction process
Reduce weight
Simultaneously adopting a narrow middle and wide end shape design
Reduce collision surface
Supporting aerodynamic carbon fiber seat pipe
Original forging locking device
Design of buried wheels in central pipes
Taking into account both streamlined design and racing geometry of the chassis

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 104 × 26 × 74 cm


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