100pcs Fishing Split Ring Stainless Steel


100pcs Fishing Split Ring Stainless Steel Black Fishing Tackle Split Rings Double Loop for Crankbait Hard Bait Fishing Lure Pesca


Specifications:Material: Stainless steelSIze: 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 12# 13# 14# 15# 16# 17# 18# 19#Quantity: 100 Pcs (1 box)
Color: Silver
Package Includes:1box 100pcs Fishing Connector Fishing Swivels.
Note:1.After receiving the package, if you find any problems with the package,
please contact customer service in time, we will definitely solve it for
you. If you find any quality problems, please contact us in
advance. Please do not leave bad negative feedback directly. Thank you

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 cm

One Set


Lure Accessories


Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, LAKE, River, Reservoir Pond, stream, Ocean Rock Fishing


Mainland China

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Product Features

stainless steel fishing lure

Product Features1

double split ring

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bait ring

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split ring stainless

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stainless split ring

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stainless steel split ring

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ring split

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steel split ring

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split rings lure

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fishing snap

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baits free shipping

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carp fishing lure

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split ring

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carp bait

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carp fishing bait

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baits carp

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split ring stainless steel

Product Features18

loop for fishing

Product Features19

stainless steel fishing rings


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